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Brandtime Studio

Explore how we transformed Brandtime Studio's digital and operational landscape, enhancing both their online presence and internal efficiencies through strategic Webflow implementation and backend automation.
Brandtime Studio

Crafting a Seamless Digital Interface with Operational Efficiency

Brandtime Studio, a visionary brand agency, teamed up with Finch Partners to overhaul their digital footprint using Webflow and to automate their internal business processes.

This partnership was driven by the necessity to embody the agency's creative identity online while streamlining complex backend operations.

Our collaboration centered on developing a responsive, visually compelling website complemented by a robust backend system to facilitate seamless internal organization and boost productivity levels.


Creative Agency

Operating in the creative industry, Brandtime Studio required a digital platform that not only showcased their portfolio in a striking manner but also resonated with the innovative spirit of their branding services."
Company Size


As a boutique agency, Brandtime needed customized solutions that could cater to small-scale yet high-quality operation needs without compromising on technological advancement or design.

2 Months

The complete redesign and backend overhaul were strategically executed within a four-month period, quickly elevating Brandtime’s operational and client engagement capacities.

Enhanced Digital Presence

The revamped website and automated processes led to a significant improvement in client interaction and internal workflow efficiencies, marking a period of growth and enhanced productivity for Brandtime Studio.
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"The website Finch built finally reflects our brand"
Sabrina Sebald, Agency Owner

Our Approach

Our approach to revolutionizing Brandtime Studio's digital and operational platforms was comprehensive, spanning design innovation to process automation through three meticulously planned phases:
Phase 1

Design & Workflow Mapping

We began by aligning Brandtime's unique branding with the technical capabilities of Webflow, assessing necessary functionalities and identifying key processes for automation. This foundational phase set the stage for a seamless integration of design and functionality.
  • Identified key functionalities for Webflow integration
  • Mapped out essential backend processes for automation
  • Established the design framework reflecting Brandtime’s brand ethos
Phase 2

Webflow Customization & Backend Automation

During this phase, we tailored the Webflow platform to resonate with Brandtime’s creative identity while embedding sophisticated automation tools for project management and client engagement, ensuring operational tasks were streamlined and efficient.
  • Custom-built Webflow site for optimal user experience
  • Implemented automated systems for project management and client tracking
  • Designed interfaces that boost internal communication and workflow
Phase 3

Deployment & Optimization

With the new systems ready, we launched the updated website and operational tools. Immediate post-launch optimizations were implemented based on initial performance data, and we provided extensive training to ensure the Brandtime team was well-equipped to leverage the new technologies.
  • Launched the new Webflow website
  • Initiated full-scale backend automation systems
  • Conducted thorough post-launch optimizations and staff training

A Modern Look & Lean Operations

Brandtime Studio's collaboration with Finch Partners revolutionized how they operate and present themselves in the digital world.

The new Webflow-based website perfectly captures the essence of their creative services, while backend automation supports a more dynamic and efficient operational structure.

This transformation has not only attracted more clients but also improved team collaboration and operational workflows, propelling Brandtime into a new era of digital and operational excellence.

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