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Explore how we revolutionized STILWAND’s e-commerce operations, creating a cutting-edge, fully integrated Shopify platform that drives substantial revenue across Europe and selected third countries.

Elevating E-Commerce with Advanced Automation

STILWAND, a dynamic e-commerce brand, partnered with Finch Partners to overhaul their online retail operations.

The goal was clear: to develop a robust e-commerce solution that not only catered to their expanding market across Europe and beyond but also streamlined their entire ordering and fulfillment process. Utilizing Shopify, we crafted a highly automated system tailored to integrate seamlessly with existing ERP systems, manage complex fulfillment logistics, and enhance customer service efficiency through advanced automation technologies.

This case study delves into the strategic approach taken by Finch Partners to transform STILWAND’s e-commerce operations, highlighting the challenges, solutions, and remarkable outcomes of this venture.


E-Commerce Retail

STILWAND operates within the highly competitive e-commerce retail industry, requiring a solution that can handle extensive product listings, manage hefty transaction volumes, and maintain exceptional user experience standards across various markets.
Company Size

Expansive Online Retailer

As an ambitious online retailer, STILWAND needed a scalable e-commerce system capable of supporting their growth and complexity, especially as they expand their reach into new European markets and select third countries.

6 Months

From initial research and system design to full deployment and optimization, the project was completed within a six-month period, adhering to strict timelines to meet market demands.

High Automation, Higher Revenues

Post-implementation, STILWAND achieved remarkable efficiency and cost savings, with noticeable boosts in revenue—consistently hitting high five-figure monthly earnings thanks to the new automated systems.
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"Game-changer for revenue and efficiency."
Dominik Sebald, Founder & COO

Our Approach

Our systematic approach centered around maximizing automation to enhance efficiency and scalability. This involved several key phases:
Phase 1

Needs Assessment and System Design

We conducted thorough market and technical research to align the Shopify solution with STILWAND’s specific needs, focusing on integration capabilities with their existing ERP system.
  • Conducted extensive market research and current system evaluations
  • Designed a scalable Shopify framework that integrates with existing ERP
  • Defined system requirements to support multi-country rollout
Phase 2

Customization and Integration

Custom development and meticulous customization were undertaken to ensure that the Shopify platform worked seamlessly with the ERP system and supported advanced fulfillment options.
  • Developed custom modules to enhance functionality and user experience
  • Seamless integration with ERP for real-time data exchange
  • Configured advanced fulfillment logistics tailored for diverse markets
Phase 3

Automation and Testing

The order-to-cash process was fully automated, and customer service operations were streamlined using the shift-left principle. Extensive testing was conducted to guarantee flawless operation upon launch.
  • Automated the entire order-to-cash cycle to minimize manual tasks
  • Implemented shift-left tactics in customer service to enhance self-service
  • Performed rigorous system testing to ensure robustness and reliability

STILWAND’s partnership with Finch Partners has propelled their e-commerce capabilities to new heights. The Shopify solution provided not only meets their current demands but also equips them with the flexibility to expand further.

The automation of critical business processes has not only streamlined operations but also significantly increased monthly revenue, establishing STILWAND as a formidable player in the e-commerce sector.

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